Mano Amiga kicks off the Youth Mentorship Program

With the contributions of our partners, Benefit Philippines and She Talks Asia, Mano Amiga was able to implement the Youth Mentorship Program for school year 2017 to 2018 which aims to help the Mano Amiga female and male high school students realize their full potential. From sessions on understanding one’s self to sessions on how to better understand the people and the world around you, the program is geared towards guiding each student in navigating their academic and personal lives. Through developing and maintaining a one-on-one nurturing relationship, the students are able to discover, analyze and connect with an adult figure role model for them to tackle the social and academic challenges they face in their lives. Through this program, our goal is for both the mentor and the student to be a source of inspiration to each other.

With sessions focused on the different aspects of their lives, what we want is for the students to be prepared for the life outside and after school. We want them to fully grasp and realize that they can achieve their dreams, and there are people to guide and support them.