Helping Hands Race

Last January 12, the Mano Amiga grounds were turned into one big relay course, packed with excited 4th grade students and volunteers racing around the campus to complete different challenges.

The Helping Hands Race is an introduction to the world of mindfulness activities, the value-driven program aimed to promote self-awareness among the students by providing a safe, encouraging and active learning environment to the students.  The organizing partner, Good Vibes Only Movement, a creative media solutions company based in Hongkong, curated a program that put focus on three aspects of the students’ lives – Body, Mind and Soul, and ensured a holistic learning experience for the students.

Trying to figure out the meaning of the clues, the students went through the different tasks carefully curated by GVOM. Volunteer team captains guided them as they went through the 10 legs of the race that not only tested their physical and intellectual skills, but more importantly on how they will react to each task presented. Station facilitators were there to challenge them with tasks and ensure that each objectives were met. From a task that teaches them on why affirmation is valuable to a task that tested their discipline and patience by striking a pose, the students were able to do a variety of tasks wherein they were able to learn valuable life skills in a fun way. They were able to bond with their fellow classmates, and form new friendships.

Enrichment activities have been a staple here in Mano Amiga, and through programs like the Helping Hands Race, we are able to teach  students important life lessons. Lessons that they can bring with them and prepare them for the future. What we envision for the Mano Amiga student is someone who is capable of dreaming and working hard towards achieving that dream. We are truly honored and amazed by our partners who work with us in achieving this goal. Our special gratitude goes to GVOM and their sponsors who were able to be a vehicle to engage the youth in a positive and life-long pursuits.