Raising resilient children

Cecilia Juhlin, a licensed clinical psychologist from Switzerland, trained the Mano Amiga Parents on how how to develop the resiliency of their children. Held from January 9-12, 2018, each day focused on instilling resilience based a child’s developments stage. This helped the parents identify which techniques and strategies were appropriate to the present needs and… Read more

Helping Hands Race

Last January 12, the Mano Amiga grounds were turned into one big relay course, packed with excited 4th grade students and volunteers racing around the campus to complete different challenges. The Helping Hands Race is an introduction to the world of mindfulness activities, the value-driven program aimed to promote self-awareness among the students by providing… Read more

The Boy with the Dictionary

Mano Amiga teacher Andy Fullido, noticed that JM Besmonte, one of the shyest students in class, showed unusual eagerness during her English class, “He always listens attentively during my class and often insisted on sitting right in front of me.”  When Teacher Andy would check the quizzes however, JM would always have a failing grade,… Read more

Changing lives through Skills To Succeed

‘Maraming salamat sa pagkakataon na ito’. For the past few weeks, these are most of the things we’ve been receiving, reading and hearing from the graduates of Mano Amiga’s Skills to Succeed Program. Last October 28, 2017, 29 mothers graduated from the 1st cohort of Skills to Succeed Program. The 4 saturdays of these mommys… Read more


Think Before You Share: Digital Youth Summit was a three-day conference that took place last October 5-7, 2017 in Ascott Bonifacio Global City organized by Facebook in partnership with Mano Amiga Academy. The summit aimed to train the youth to think critically online by assessing the credibility and authenticity of online news and resources. Our… Read more

Mano Amiga kicks off the Youth Mentorship Program

With the contributions of our partners, Benefit Philippines and She Talks Asia, Mano Amiga was able to implement the Youth Mentorship Program for school year 2017 to 2018 which aims to help the Mano Amiga female and male high school students realize their full potential. From sessions on understanding one’s self to sessions on how… Read more

A Helping Hand

Hurricane Harvey has captured headlines and wreaked havoc this past week, which reminded me of my typhoon experience in Manila, Philippines at the end of July. I flew to that tropical island nation to support the work of our three Regnum Christi schools: Everest Academy in Manila, a start-up school in Laguna just south of… Read more