Our Impact

Mano Amiga, which translates to Helping Hand, is an affordable K to 12 school with international standards.

Our Progress

Since 2008, the school has grown from 19 Kindergarten students to over 170 students in the current school year from Kinder until the 7th Grade.

Families Helped

Lutong Nanay is a social enterprise that is an in-office food service provider that provides safe, affordable, and healthier home cooked meals for employees prepared by mothers of Mano Amiga's social enterprise.


Volunteers from various organizations and companies give back, inspire, share their talents and passion with the students and families of Mano Amiga.

Organizations/ Companies

GFS Teacher Training is a key component of the Global Filipino School (GFS) program by Globe Telecom and Department of Education (DepEd) which includes workshops on how to maximize the use of technology in the classroom and project-based learning.


Digital Literacy and Empowerment Program is a 3-day after school workshop to propagate responsible use of the digital space in which selected Grade 6 and 7 students were tasked to create an online campaign for responsible use of social media.


Our Work

Mano Amiga Academy provides international quality education to underprivileged communities. The school, however, doesn't just focus on educating the child, it gives livelihood, skills training, and development programs to the whole family.


Scholarship support for our students have provided them with access to quality and holistic education and the means to transform their lives and create lasting impact to society. Through a scholarship support, a child in Mano Amiga is given the gift of quality education. With this gift, the child is equipped with the necessary skills and abilities to thrive and create better lives for themselves and their families.

Community Development

Mano Amiga is a complete developmental center created specifically with the objective of transforming the lives of families and individuals. Through the program, a person born into a poor community where they would not normally have access to opportunities for a better way of life, will now have the ability to lift themselves up and build healthy and stable families. Above all, they will be able to find productive jobs to start their own businesses. Mano Amiga helps them become good citizens who are involved in their communities and are responsible for their own future.

Teacher Training

Mano Amiga ensures that teachers have rigorous training and coaching on a monthly basis to improve both professional and personal development.