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Mano Amiga, which translates to Helping Hand, is an affordable K to 12 school with international standards.

By providing scholarships and sustainable livelihood, we empower low-income families to break out of poverty.

What sets us apart

Our Six Pillars

What sets us apart

Our Six Pillars

High Quality Education

The school uses an international curriculum that is tailored to the local environment while still being benchmarked against global education standards.

Committed Teachers

Mano Amiga developed an intensive teacher training program emphasizing child-centered instruction, active learning and other techniques that develop the students' leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.

Personalized Attention

Mano Amiga pays special attention to each students' individual growth, knowing that no two students learn the same way. They provide focused instruction to address learning needs, learning support or special cases, and seeks to improve overall health.

Home and Family Support

Mano Amiga also focuses on developing positive family relationships to ensure a safe and open home environment for students. The school gives regular parenting and health seminars, spiritual recollections, economic and skills development trainings, and regular house visits to learn the home situation.

Well-rounded Formation

Mano Amiga focuses on the four pillars of a well-rounded formation for students, which are: the pursuit of truth and knowledge (intellectual), building good relationships and a healthy self-esteem (human), formation of right virtues and values (spiritual), and developing a heart of service (apostolic).

Our Innovation Approach

In the 21st century, Mano Amiga aims to form skills that are fit for this generation through creative and innovative thinking, as well as project-based learning, which entails immediate application of what students learned in the classroom. We also make sure that they are exposed to active learning - an approach where the teacher serves as the facilitator and students are responsible for their own learning.

250 Million Children Lack Basic Reading, Writing, & Math Skills

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Help us widen the reach of our cause.

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